Basic Usages

By Lex Li

This page shows you the basics about DockPanel Suite.

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Show Contents as Documents

It is quite common to have a list of dock contents shown as a list of documents.

To show a single document, the following code can be used

doc1.Show(dockPanel, DockState.Document);

To show a list of documents in order, the following code can be used,

doc1.Show(dockPanel, DockState.Document);
doc2.Show(doc1.Pane, null);
doc3.Show(doc1.Pane, null);
doc4.Show(doc1.Pane, null);

// reorder doc1 and doc2
doc1.Show(doc1.Pane, null);
doc2.Show(doc1.Pane, null);


Note that the DockContent.Pane property is used so that documents are placed in the same dock pane.

Show Multiple Contents in The Same Dock State

By default if two or more dock contents are shown in the same dock state will share the same dock pane and become tabs in that pane.

dmcDownloadMonitor.Show(dockPanel, DockState.DockBottom);
amcActivateModsMonitor.Show(dockPanel, DockState.DockBottom);

However, sometimes the contents should be placed into different panes and shown side by side. This requires some changes in code,

dmcDownloadMonitor.Show(dockPanel, DockState.DockBottom);
amcActivateModsMonitor.Show(dmcDownloadMonitor.Pane, DockAlignment.Right, 0.5);

How to Lock Layout and Prevent Dock Panels From Moving

Lock Entire Layout

To lock the entire layout, the following snippet can be used to disable all end user docking at DockPanel level,

dockPanel.AllowEndUserDocking = false;

Lock A Single Panels

To lock only a single panel, the following snippet can be used to disable all end user docking at DockContent level,

dockContent.DockHandler.AllowEndUserDocking = false;

Avoid A Few Dock States

To prevent a dock panel from entering some dock states, set DockContent.DockAreas to only the areas that are desired.